About 53 per cent of respondents from these Hindi-speaking states knew what Zomato. But it is well below the awareness for Paytm.
Capt Amarinder Singh is the worst-performing CM
Of those who said the Kumbh should have been cancelled, 15 per cent held the Modi government responsible, while nearly 40 per cent blamed the state.
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Prashnam survey of 20,000 adult voters in 12 states also found that Yogi Adityanath is more popular than Amit Shah.
46 per cent of the respondents said either they do not want to take the vaccine at all or refused to answer the question
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Two of which hold Modi Sarkar responsible
52 per cent still prefer cash only to pay for their purchases in the stores
UP, Bihar, MP, Rajasthan fare worst
Zomato and Swiggy may seem like ubiquitous brands, reach of these brands is limited