Jitin Prasada exited INC but his voters did not notice


The Print and Prashnam surveyed voters in the Shahjahanpur and Dhaurahra Parliamentary constituencies on a former Congress MP Jitin Prasada.

Jitin Prasada quit INC to join BJP yesterday. He is a former MP from Shahjahanpur (LS 2004) and Dhaurahra (LS 2009). So, it was pertinent to ask the constituents of the 2 PCs what they thought of Jitin Prasada’s political move?  Prashnam surveyed the PCs to find out an answer.

We asked nearly 1,500 people across 10 assembly constituencies in Shahjahanpur and Dhaurahra in Uttar Pradesh about their views on Jitin Prasada’s move. These 1,500 voters were chosen randomly using scientific sampling techniques. We first asked the people if they knew who Jitin Prasada was. To only those that recognised him correctly, we asked a subsequent question – what is your view of Jitin Prasada’s move to the BJP?

Q1: Who is Jitin Prasada?

1: He is a film actor.

2: He is a private businessman

3: He is a political leader

4: I don’t know

72 per cent of people in these 10 constituencies in Jitin Prasada’s own area could not recognise him as a political leader.

Q2: Jitin Prasada has left the Congress party and joined the BJP yesterday. What is your opinion on this?

(Only to those that answer 3 above.)

1: It is a mistake, he should have joined Samajwadi party

2: He did the right thing by joining BJP

3: He made a mistake by leaving Congress

4: It does not matter at all.

Of the remaining people that knew who he was, a majority (52 per cent) said he either made a mistake by joining the BJP, or that it did not matter.

Respondent profile

1471 adult Indians responded to this survey. They were from 2 PCs – Dhaurahra and Shahjahanpur belonging to 10 ACs. 90 per cent were male and 10 per cent female. 71 per cent were youth (<40 years), 25 per cent middle-aged and 4 per cent seniors (>60).

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The raw response data is available here.